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l Core I5 processor, 4Gb Ram, 128G SSD

l 16 opto-isolated XLR DMX sockets ,8192 channels

l Titan console can be expanded to 64 universes

l Reduce signal interference and delay by sharing processing pressure of console

l 2 Ethercon network connection , on the back of the device

l 800×600LCD screen, with touch function, equipped with real-time status monitoring function

l Support the conversion of ArtNet signal and DMX signal

l Support all ET series, TGT series, QZ series console, and cooperate with console (consistent with console version)

l Built-in UPS, protect the system from unexpected power-off for one hour

l 100~240Vac, 48~63Hz power input

l 4 USB stockets, 2 on the front and 2 on the back

l Support MIDI input and output

l Aluminum alloy panel, shockproof case, with convenient handle, can be installed in any frame and shockproof frame, suitable for fixed performance and touring shows

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