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N.W: 1.88
G.W: 2.58
Dimension: 450*185*45
Packing size: 530*257*100

l Aluminum alloy panel, shockproof housing, can be mounted on any rack or wall mount

l Support ArtNet to DMX, output 4096 channels, can be used for TGT series, ET series, QZ series and black horse series console, to achieve extended output, signal conversion and other functions.

l Support DMX to ArtNet, input 4096 channels, help to save wire, to achieve signal long-distance transmission, offline programming, visual stage functions.

l 8 DMX opto-isolated XLR interfaces, 4096 channels, support RDM functions

l Support all ET, TGT, QZ, black horse series console

l 2 Ethercon network connection (with switch functions), increase signal stability and reliability.

lEquipped with real-time state monitoring function, can observe the running state of the equipment, increase the reliability.

l LCD visual interface, support a key setting, support Chinese and English display.

l Support online upgrade software version, increase stability

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